A. Forensic Toxicology


Prof Christophe Stove, PhD (Belgium) – confirmed
Department of Bioanalysis
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ghent University


Prof Simon Elliott, PhD (UK) – confirmed
Consultant Forensic Toxicologist, Director – Elliott Forensic Consulting
Visiting Professor in Forensic Toxicology, Kings College London


B. Personal Injury Claims Assessment


Prof Duarte Nuno Vieira, PhD (Portugal) – confirmed
Department of Forensic Medicine, Ethics and Medical Law
Dean Faculty of Medicine University of Coimbra


Prof. Massimo MONTISCI (Italy) – confirmed

Full Professor of Legal Medicine, University of Padova


Legal Medicine & Toxicology Unit, University Hospital of Padova

School of Specialization in Legal Medicine, University of Padova


Degree Course in Health Care – University of Padova

Deputy Director

Department of Cardio-Thoraco-Vascular Sciences and Public Health – University of Padova

Vice President

SIMLA – Italian Society of Legal Medicine


C. Clinical Forensic Medicine


Prof. Patrick Chariot (France) – confirmed

Head, Department of Forensic Medicine, Hopital Jean-Verdier (AP-HP), Bondy

Professor of Forensic Medicine, Université Paris 13, Bobigny, France



Domestic Invited speakers

Forensic Anthropology Workshop

Professor Marija P. Djuric
MD PhD, Serbia

Laboratory for Anthropology
Department of Anatomy
School of Medicine
University of Belgrade
web site: www.anthropologylab-bg.com


Doc. dr Aleksandra Antović

Institute of Forensic Medicine Niš, Faculty of Medicine University of Niš, Serbia

Biljana Branković, MA, M.Phil.

Independent Researcher – Consultant, Member of GREVIO

Prof. dr Slobodan Savić,

Institute of Forensic Medicine “Milovan Milovanovic”

School of Medicine, University of Belgrade


Doc. dr Miljan Maletin,

Center for Forensic Medicine, Toxicology and Molecular Genetics, Clinical Center of Vojvodina