Forensic Anthropology Workshop

This course is designed for persons interested in learning basic forensic anthropological methods for developing a biological profile, establishing positive identification, and collecting data related to manner of death.

Participants will gain hands on training in discrimination between human and non-human bone, estimation of biological characteristics of individuals (sex, age, stature, dental status) and skeletal trauma interpretation.

Tuition: 50€/participant

Duration: 5 hours (includes coffee break)

Location: School of Medicine University of Belgrade

Deadline for registration will be posted soon. Prepayment of tuition fee required with registration. Minimal number of participants: ten. In case of fewer registered participants the Workshop will be canceled and prepaid tuition will be reimbursed.

Workshop organizer

Professor Marija P. Djuric MD PhD
Laboratory for Anthropology
Department of Anatomy
School of Medicine
University of Belgrade

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